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xPence Plus is a Friendly, Fast, Smart and Advanced personal finance manager. With a smooth, animated and suggestive user interface, xPence is a joy to use. Its strength lies in the ease of use and customization options. It's powerful and fully featured. xPence will help you keep your budget under control.

xPence is a great Travel Companion
With support for 160+ Currencies, automatic currency conversion and Location Based Naming, you can enjoy your travels and not worry about your budget.

Currencies - Location-aware converter with themes for iPhone

The Currencies is a new currency converter created with love and care for travelers. Auto detect the local currency wherever you are, convert to multiple currencies at once and add notes to conversions to remember what it was all about. (more...)

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How to get the most out of xPence


Tap & Hold a Square to Quickly Add an Expense
to the selected Category.

Add Expenses when and where you make them.
This way, you can use Geo-Name to select a location based name
and have the exact location of your spending.

To Add Expenses in Foreign Currency
tap the currency code. The entered amount will be
converted automatically to your Home Currency.

And if you’re on vacation just turn “Foreign Currency Mode”
ON, so you can add all expenses in local currency.

Create Categories that fit your lifestyle.
Let’s say, you go on vacation... Let it have its own special Square.

In Categories, tap [Edit] to Move, Change or Delete items.

Disable the Location of an expense for extra privacy. Send the “receipt” of an expense as PDF via Email.

You can edit Expenses later...

Select multiple items in lists and delete them.

Use History bar from your Categories Screen to get a quick
glance at your latest expenses


Create Personal Categories

Create categories that match your lifestyle. Easily add expenses for special events like "Sea Trip" or "Wedding", Edit, Move, Delete them at any time.

Priorities Change... Edit.

Rearrange. Rename. Delete. All within Edit Mode. Rearrange Categories just like the icons on your homescreen.

What's in a Square?

Tap to open. Tap & Hold to add an expense to it. It's a powerful Square.

Adding Expenses

It's really Quick...

Enter the amount. And maybe a Name. That's it... ADD.

Geo Name

Geo Name - Automatic location based naming. Via Foursquare (no account required)(1)

160+ Currencies

Tap the Currency code to add an expense in another currency. xPence converts it automatically to your Home Currency(1)

Advanced Expense Settings

Recurrence & Reminders

Set daily, monthly, weekly or yearly recurrence for any expense or income entry with the option to be reminded of them via iOS Notifications

Photo Attachments

Attach a photo to any Expense


There's a built-in Calculator for all Expense and Income Entries. Great when sharing expenses among multiple parties.

View Entries

History & Quick Stats

Drag bar upwards to reveal full History for an Expenses overview with Smart Filters.

Expenses Lists

See All Expenses in a Category for different periods of time. Delete multiple items at once.

Expense Details

Your Receipt please! See when and where you've recorded an expense. Or edit. Or send as PDF via Email.

Powerful Tools

Animated Statistics

See what you've spent most on. Real time statistics based on totals for different periods of time.

Passcode (Settings)

Keep your data safe with Passcode Protection

Foreign Currency mode

Traveling abroad? Set xPence to that foreign currency and have all expenses converted automatically to your home currency. (2)

Data Backup & Restore

Export all data as a CSV File via Email. Restore by simply opening the file in xPence from your Mail App.

PDF & CSV Export

Export gorgeous Receipts of single or multiple expenses. Files can be opened in Excel, Numbers, etc.

Custom Intervals

et custom intervals to view Expenses Income and Statistics from any given time Interval. Balance is also calculcated for that period.